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The group “Legends“ in Belgrade are six members:

  • Ivan Milinković - vocals
  • Zoran Dašić - songwriter, guitar, bas-prim, backing vocals
  • Lazar Marin - guitar, backing vocals
  • Pero Krznanić - bass, backing vocals
  • Želimir Vasić - drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Predrag Stojković - keyboards, piano and arrangements

Members biography:

Ivan Milinković

Ivan Milinković has been a member of the band LEGENDE since 1989. Before becoming a member, he used to perform in the Belgrade Opera for nine years, being in the choir for five years and then soloist for rest of the time spent at the Opera. Having the status of recognized artist, he was rewarded several times: the second place and the first audience award at the Competition for young singers of native folk music in Pirot in 1986 and the fourth prize at the Competition for young opera singers held in Belgrade in 1993. He won the first prize at the Competition for young opera singers, held in Pyongyang, Korea in 1995. He is married and has one son, Filip...

Zoran Dašić

Zoran Dašić is the founder and leader of the popular band LEGENDE. He writes lyrics and music, but he also plays guitar and tambura. He has been awarded many times for his work and has gained the status of recognized artist. Zoran has also written two books. He is a member of the Composers’ Association of Serbia and music editor in the Radio Television of Serbia. He lives and works in Belgrade...

Lazar Marin

Another founder of the band LEGENDE - Lazar Marin Laza. He plays guitar and sings backing vocals. He used to be a member of the choir “Obilić” within the Artistic Association “Krsmanac”, which most of the band members had originated from. He was employed in the companies “Lasta” and “Tehnopromet”, and now he is the PR Manager of the band LEGENDE. He is married and lives in Belgrade...

Pero Krznanić

Krznanić Pero has played bass in the band LEGENDE since 1992. He used to be a member of the Big Folk Orchestra of the Television of Belgrade. He graduated from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. He works in show business, lives and works in Belgrade...

Želimir Vasić

Želimir Vasić, known to the audience as Žak, plays drums and percussion in the band LEGENDE. He used to work in the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra for 16 years. He works in the Terazije Theatre as percussionist, and he became a member of the band in 1998. He performed with Željko Bebek, Dado Topić and many other famous rock singers. He released several albums and wrote film music. He lives and works in Belgrade...

Predrag Stojković

The youngest member of the band, Stojković Predrag Peđa, plays keyboards and does arrangements. He also teaches Music, Harmony, Counterpoint and Musical Forms. He became a band member in November 2003. He used to be a member of the bands Allisa and Frenky. He worked with the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, Terazije Theatre and almost all artists of the Serbian music scene. He lives and works in Belgrade...

Concert history:

The group "Legends" was founded in Belgrade in 1988, when, and released his first album. The first concert season began on 19 groups January 1995, concert in Belgrade's Sava Center and has held 47 concerts in the same hall. The tradition continues, and every new concert season begins in the Sava Center, then a group of "Legends" continues with a tour of cities in Serbia and abroad. To date, a group of "Legends" was held over one thousand and three hundred concerts in Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Poland, Cyprus, Sweden, Slovenia, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, Germany, Australia, USA and Russia . Jubilee - the thousandth concert was marked by a celebration 05.februara 2005 the twentieth anniversary of the group "Legends" was marked by February 2008, in the Great Hall of Sava Center.

The group "Legends" 2012 celebrates a jubilee, marking 25 years of successful work and the important anniversary will be celebrated by a magnificent throw to his audience at the Sava Center concerts scheduled for the 4 and 14 in February 2012. Jubilee marks the work under the slogan "... to meet the fiftieth concert at the Sava Centre ...".

Awards and acknowledgements:

The group “Legends“ is the recipient of many awards and recognitions: 10 “Oscar popularity", 9 of the “Melko", 7 “Golden Melos", “Golden violin key" PGP for circulation, four gold plates, Beovizije award for the song from the movie “Goose Feather", a number of awards for charity concerts, awards from several national festivals. The group "Legends" is ten times since 1995 have been found for the group, and the last award was received November 2011 - the seventh “Golden Melos". In addition to these awards, won the "Golden Palm" and “Belgrade winner."

December 2011.

Yours group “ Legends ”